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Bagels and sandwiches.

Lightly toasted bagels topped with crispy seeds, paired with a variety of fresh ingredients and flavourful sauces, make our menu perfect for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack. For more traditional choice, our wholewheat bread sandwiches also come in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Our full selection.

Speciality Coffees.

It all starts with quality coffee, but we take it a step further and cater to all your coffee desires. With our Classic and Special menus, you will be able to find your favourite coffee or experiment with many different flavours of our caffeinated goodness.

Delicious Desserts.

Muffins, doughnuts, pies and cakes… We have them all! For a perfect finish of your meal or a sweet treat with your coffee, we offer you different classics that never fail to sweeten your Velvet moment. Fancy something new and unexpected? Together with OUR EASTERN KITCHEN, every weekend we prepare a different WEEKEND TREAT to make your time with us special and utterly delicious!

Fancy something other than coffee?

Fresh juice and smoothies.

Whether you are looking for something healthy and refreshing or simply a hot non-coffee drink, we have a selection of fresh smoothies, tea or hot chocolate. Also perfect if you plan a family afternoon at Café Velvet.

Have you tasted our famous frothy milk drink?

Velvet Smooth Sahlab

Frothed milk, silky sahlab spice mix, rose water, pistachios and cinnamon.

Have you heard of our WEEKEND TREAT?

WEEKEND TREAT—every week something new.

To make your Velvet experience even more special, we have paired up with OUR EASTERN KITCHEN culinary blog to develop a new recipe every week for you to enjoy. From Saturday afternoon, you are able to taste the newest sweet treat and even get your hands on an exact recipe to be able to enjoy it at home any time you want!

Photographs by DeeDee Ostrowska-Abdulhusein

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